Amber & More

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Product description


"Amber and More" from Urbis Parfums unfolds like a whispered invitation to a clandestine rendezvous, beginning with the soft caress of cardamom and the sultry embrace of amber. As the fragrance lingers, benzoin joins the secret encounter, weaving its velvety sweetness with the smoldering allure of sandalwood, creating an opulent symphony of scent that enraptures the senses.

Close your eyes, and you'll find yourself transported to a sumptuous soirée, where crimson walls pulse with passion and the air is heavy with the mingling aromas of perfumes and aged spirits. Within this dimly lit chamber, bodies sway to the rhythm of desire, their movements casting shadows that dance upon the walls like fleeting whispers of temptation. And amidst it all, the heady fragrance of blooming soft florals drift from a moonlit balcony, drawing you closer to the edge of abandon.

In the midst of this intoxicating atmosphere, "Amber and More" emerges as the embodiment of seduction itself, its allure as irresistible as the pull of a forbidden attraction. With each inhale, you surrender to the heat of the moment, to the promise of unspoken desires waiting to be fulfilled. And as the night unfolds in a symphony of sensation, you find yourself lost in the embrace of a stranger, swept away by the passionate rhythms of your dancing soul, where every touch is a revelation and every glance a confession of longing.

Fragrance notes:
Amber, Benzoin, Cardamom and Sandalwood.

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