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Nour Zaky

by Urbis Parfums on Oct 22, 2023

Nour Zaky
One morning, I received a call from my dear friend Mahmoud Azzam, asking me to communicate with famous perfumers, to create perfumes worthy of a niche perfume house under construction. I was very happy for his trust in my humble personality. Years before that, I was thinking of several ideas for new perfumes that express situations, places, and luxurious items. The idea was outside the scope of application, because I am not a businessman and I am not an owner of a perfume house. As soon as I received my friend Mahmoud’s request for help in choosing the ideas behind the perfumes, and the perfumers who would work to make those ideas come true, I quickly contacted one of the most famous perfumers in France, Mrs. Nathalie Weisthaure, who has a great history in perfume creativity. I also contacted the rising perfumer, Helene Prévot, who has a keen intelligence.
‏I contacted Mrs. Nathalie Westhauer and told her a story about how I had a luxurious Cuban cigar with a creamy scent that envelops the aroma of Cuban tobacco, which has a distinct smell from other types of tobacco. After several discussions and an exchange of opinions, I received the first sample of the perfume after three months, and then additional modification took another three days. It was clear that Mrs. Natalie had paid great care to this perfume and had spent effort and time, and the pleasant surprise was that, in my opinion, she produced one of the best tobacco perfumes ever. Lovers of Cuban cigars, as well as those who have never tried cigars, will appreciate this innovation. It was truly a wonderful experience and I was extremely honored to speak with the genius Mrs. Natalie Weisthauer.
‏Later, I contacted Mrs. Hélène Prevot, to create a perfume that embodies Bordeaux's famous dessert (canelle) and the atmosphere of Bordeaux's cafés and streets full of delicious scents. 
‏Ms. Eileen's ingenuity is beyond compare and she impressed me with her ability to embody the atmosphere of Bordeaux in a short period of time.
‏Bordeaux perfume is a gourmand perfume that is not overly sugary, for lovers of delicious perfume scents, such as caramel and cream with some fruits and the smell of rum. It is the scent of Bordeaux and the cannelle dessert, the symbol of the city of Bordeaux.

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