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Chris Maurice

by Urbis Parfums on Oct 20, 2023

Chris Maurice

It is our pleasure to announce our first cooperation with Chris Maurice, September 2023.

We are preparing to innovate a perfume that will simulates the amazing atmosphere of Vienna.

Waffle, Coffee, roasted hazelnuts and Rum will be the main Players.

Chris Maurice is a Master Perfumer and one of the directors of Carbonnel S.A., a renowned Spanish company in the perfume industry. Born into one of Spain's most prestigious perfumery families, Chris has been immersed in the world of niche fragrances since childhood. Over the years, he has honed his craft and expertise in treating exquisite and exceptional essences that embody his vision of High Perfumery.

With a wealth of experience working on numerous projects for leading brands in Europe and the Middle East, such as Xerjoff, Nishane, Fragrance Du Bois, Masque Milano, and Zoologist, Chris has established himself as a prominent figure in the perfume world. He is the founder of C De La Niche, a company dedicated to crafting exceptional fragrances that are innovative, unique, and timeless.

Chris' creations have been widely appreciated and loved by perfume enthusiasts worldwide. Some of his most popular perfumes include Xerjoff Lira, Alexandria II, More Than Words, La Capitale, Tony Iommi Monkey Special, and Fiero. He has also worked with other brands such as Nishane, Rance 1795, Santi Burgas, and The Fragrance Kitchen, to name a few. Chris' extensive knowledge, passion, and creativity have made him one of the industry's most respected and sought-after perfumers.(By fragrantica)

Master Perfumer Chris Maurice (fragrantica.com)


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