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Nathalie Feisthauer

by Urbis Parfums on Oct 20, 2023

Nathalie Feisthauer

The first master perfumer we collaborate with.

collaboration start 2022 in a niche fragrances (CUBA).

innovated with the smell of cigar.

As far as she can remember, Nathalie has always had a passion for scents. It was when she discovered Opium by Yves Saint-Laurent that her vocation became obvious: she was to become a perfumer. The Roure (now Givaudan) perfumery school - Grasse is the most prestigious perfumery school. In 1983, Nathalie, with her passionate and outgoing character, was the first trainee without a perfumery family background to integrate into this program. At the time, new trainee came from Grasse only. Perfumery remained a family tradition, almost a guild. New–York, Nathalie’s career takes off at Estée Lauder: She immersed herself in the American style, energy, fun, and “hooks”. This cosmopolitan spirit enriched her and increased her artistic creativity.

Commercial brands and alternative niche brands like Etat Libre d’Orange (Putain des Palaces) or iconic brands like Hermès (Eau des Merveilles) and Cartier (Must for Men), are all dear to Nathalie. Nathalie has always loved creating for such a diversity of brands.


For over 30 years, Nathalie was a leading perfumer in major companies like Givaudan (1983-2008) and Symrise (2008-2014). Today, Nathalie is writing a new chapter as an independent perfumer: freedom, 360° contact, sincerity, and passion are again meaningful. Montmartre is where she created LABscent and set up her independent lab in an ancient art gallery. Building on her international reputation and landmark perfume creations, Nathalie composes ever more creative scents for the most exclusive international niche brands in America, Dubaï, Russia, and Europe, as well as over 30 other countries.


She subsequently received several awards for her creations, such as the perfumer of the year FIFI award in 2019, Exclusive Niche for Nomenclature – fluo_ral in 2019, the price of Best Newcomer with the launch of the Sous le Manteau collection in 2020, the cosmétiquemag Selective Distribution-Niche perfumery bronze award for Burdin – Amoroso and the Customer Choice - Niche Fragrance FIFI Award with L'ORCHESTRE parfum - Electro Limonade in 2021. (By Fragrantica).

Master Perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer (fragrantica.com)


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